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GOLD PLUS is Windows based program.

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Whole sale management system is most useful for the whole sale dealers, it includes each option of Inventory, billing, approval issues and receiving, tagging,each dealer to dealer transaction and final day end reports.

This module helps the client in adding/deleting/altering any product,sub product and items. in addition to these features it also displays all the products, sub-products and items related to each form and also each dealer entry.

This module enables preparation of Bar Coded Tags. Preparing sales invoices just by scanning bar coded tags results in faster invoice preparation. Stock reconciliation option of GOLD PLUS facilitates users in tallying physical inventory with computerized stock even while other functions like sales, purchase, issue and receipt of stock is going on. Stock reconciliation helps users in identifying missing inventory items easily and quickly, If the items are not tagged and sold, a report arises according to the dealer wise stock and dealer wise sold items.

Dealers purchases items in bulk ,so each value is entered based on the item purity but when it comes to billing, customers want instant billing to take place; it provides instant billing facility. The detailed bill includes Amount, discount (if any), details of cash / cheque / credit card payment , old metal return (if any) and metal purity. At the time of billing, all these details can be entered through single voucher only and all relevant effects to stocks, customer data, sales data, cash and bank balances as well as credit card information are passed on-line.


Complete Dealer information is always available at your fingertips along with Purchase and sales history. Every dealer balance is just a few clicks away. Print mailing labels in batch or single mode based on any user specified criteria such as zip codes, area codes, states, birthdays etc. Dealer’s sales,purchases, statements, credit histories can be displayed instantly without having to run a report.

This module is most important, on approval basis, other dealer without doing billing, items are dispatched according to purity wise and get backs some items according to customer sale

With this, you will get abundant time to manage your resources well. Being an integrated package, there is no longer any need to worry about matching / tallying of records of different packages. Day-end / Weekly / Monthly reports give you the summary as well as details of all business activities like purchases / sales / payments / expenses etc..

Sadguru Features

  • • Single user and multi user.
  • • 100% data security and accuracy
  • • Email & sms facility
  • • print address & label

Gold Plus Solutions

GOLD PLUS is Windows based program which will fully manage every aspect of your jewellery business. .


Take advantage of the Jewellery Industry’s most powerful Inventory System!